The Dutch Airforce

My main scale model collection exists of the Dutch Airforce. I make fighters, bombers and advanced trainers from after 1995 untill now, in 1/72 scale.

For me this includes the American 32nd TFS based at Soesterberg (1954 - 1994) and the aircraft of the KNIL (1945 - 1950).

The models may be not that perfect (I am not a pro!), but i make sure the loadout, the colors and the markings are all historical acurate. 

Below you will find all the models, ordered on the date finished

NF-5A Freedom Fighter, K-3054

316 Sqn, Leeuwarden 1982

Finished November 2018

F-16AM Falcon, J-868

323 Sqn, Kandahar, Afghanistan 2008

Finished May 2018

RF-104G Starfighter, D-8125

306 Sqn, Volkel 1978

Finished Augustus 2017

Meteor F.Mk.4, I-62

JVO, Woensdrecht 1951

Finished June 2017

F-84G Thunderjet, 8T-23

314 Sqn, Eindhoven 1953

Finished May 2017

Spitfire LF.Mk.IX, H-34

LSK, Twenthe 1949

Finished November 2015

P-40N Kittyhawk, J-329 / C3-549 'SNAFU'

120 Sqn, Andir, Indonesia 1947

Finished April 2014

P-51D Mustang, H-330 'Evelyn'

120 Sqn, Andir, Indonesia 1948

Finished Februari 2012

F-16B Fighting Falcon, J-259

Delivery, Leeuwarden 1979

Finished December 2010

NF-5B Freedom Fighter, K-4015

316 Sqn, Eindhoven 1990

Finished December 2009

F-15D Eagle, 79-004/CR

32nd TFS, Soesterberg 1990

Finished November 2002

F-84F Thunderstreak, P-231

314 Sqn, Eindhoven 1969

Finished May 2002