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"Fightertown" Eindhoven

Eindhoven - 3 juni 2019


Planned reparations on the Volkel Airbase made 8 F-16's go to Eindhoven for 3 days. Unfortunatly I missed the arrivals, but went the same afternoon to get some pictures.

Somebody called Eindhoven Airport for fun "Fightertown" Eindhoven, hence the title.

Frisian Flag

Leeuwarden - 10 april 2019


And then it was time for 2 days Frisian Flag. The weather forecast was good, but with a northern wind and 10 degrees I feared for the worse... and it was.

In the end we decided that 1 day of this was enough and FilmBart and me went home after some good pictures.


Eindhoven - 5 april 2019


 A change in my work shift and the good weather made me decide to go to Eindhoven-Welschap Airport a few days earlier than planned. Glad I did!

It was a perfect morning with lots of visitors for the exercise and some extra's.

Small Fighters

And another 1/144 fighter finished.

F-16AM Falcon in Belgium colors.

Belgium Air Force Days

Kleine Brogel, België - 7 & 9 September 2018 


This year there was no Sanicole Airshow, instead there was the Belgium Air Force Days in Kleine Brogel. Thanks to a friendly taxi by my dad, Bart and I went to the spottersday/arrivals.






2 days later I went again to the show itself. It was a classic reunion of my mom, dad and sister going to an airshow , just like the old days.




More Military! 14 pics added, Modern Western, American and British WWII.

Small Fighters


Quick, small scale model building. I made a new category, "Small Fighters" with famous fighters of the modern age. The scale is 1/144.


Below all the models added.

Mińsk Mazowiecki Airbase

Mińsk Mazowiecki, Polen - 25 augustus 2017 


In the trip to Radom Airshow, a base visit was planned to  Mińsk Airbase. Normally it is a MiG-29 base, but due to the flightpast at Radom Airshow, also a few Su-22's where there.

We saw it all up and close. Pre-flight, take-off and recovery. A perfect day, one to remember for a long time.


Scale Models


Scale modeling is a hobby of mine. As good as I can, I make models and paint them historically acurate. I started very young, but it became serious in high school.


Below all the models added.

The Dutch Airforce


The Kriegsmarine


Other Models



Another militairy update! 13 pics added, all West-Europe.



Besides military planes, I also like to photograph other military hardware.

I added a new section where I show my pictures of those. 

Below you will find the pictures I added. Taken at Overloon Museum and Open dagen Landmacht, Oirschot.

Falcon Leap

Eindhoven - 22 september 2018


Falcon Leap is a para dropping exercise. These droppings at the Ginkelse Heide is held at the same time of year as operation Market Garden to rember those droppings.


I decided to go to the airfield just the week before, and it was more fun than expected! I went in the morning because of the weather forecast.

The autumn light was hard, but the results are quite good.