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Another militairy update! 13 pics added, all West-Europe.



Besides military planes, I also like to photograph other military hardware.

I added a new section where I show my pictures of those. 

Below you will find the pictures I added. Taken at Overloon Museum and Open dagen Landmacht, Oirschot.

Falcon Leap

Eindhoven - 22 september 2018


Falcon Leap is a para dropping exercise. These droppings at the Ginkelse Heide is held at the same time of year as operation Market Garden to rember those droppings.


I decided to go to the airfield just the week before, and it was more fun than expected! I went in the morning because of the weather forecast.

The autumn light was hard, but the results are quite good.


Fairford, England - 14 july 2018


With 4Aviation I went this year alone to Great Britain, for the RIAT and Duxford airshows. Highlights for me this year where the J-35B of England, a flying B-2 Spirit, the Battle of Britain formation and the Dambuster formation. I also had a lot of fun with the WW1 flying circus.

Flying Legends

Duxford, England - 15 july 2018


I always wanted back to Flying Legends in Duxford, I was there in 2005. This year, I finally decided to go. And how not-dissapointed I was!

First I raced trough all hangars to get as much as possible, the (original) He-162 was a nice surprise for me! Then offcourse the show.

I made for the first time a movie clip, I had to capture the sound of the spitfires.

Frisian Flag

Leeuwarden - 18 & 19 april 2018


After the misery from last year (went the day it rained..) FilmBart and me decided to go two days this year to Frisian Flag.

In two sunny days we saw 3 waves of 55+ aircraft! 

My own goal was to get as diverse pictures as possible, i think I succeeded in doing so.