Falcon Leap

Eindhoven - 12, 15 & 17 september 2022


The week after the disasterous KB Spottersday, Falcon Leap was planned. This exercise for dropping cargo and paratroopers occures every year before 18 september, the date Eindhoven got liberated. And every year it brings a few foreign transport planes to my home base.


Looking at the weather, I decided to go immidiately after the weekend on monday. Bonus was the visit of the KC-390 and the German A359. I managed to get the local A330 MMRT as well. 

I knew I had to go another day if possible, because I did not manage to photograph everything. Thursday the weather looked ok, so I went for it. Lucky for me, all the planes I did not get on monday, flew at thursday, so my collection was complete!

I had no real plan to go saturday, but if Bart would go, I would go to. With two it is always more pleasure. That morning Bart texted me he would go, so of I went again.
In hindsight I am glad I did. It was sunny and got some great shots. I knew I had every plane on photo, so this was a bonus and I tried to get some different shots.


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