And 2021 started where 2020 ended.

The Covid situation looks a lot better, but I do not expect any practises or Airshows this year. They take a lot of time to organize, so maybe 2022 we are luckier.


Again this year a lot of Eindhoven. I am shooting what I can!


Canadian visit II

20 april 2021


More Canadians!

A C-17 Globemaster (CC-177) would visit my homebase today. Also another Canadian bird had arrived earlier, this time in the 'old' white colors.

I made an arrangement with work to catch the landing during work hours. 

The Belgian F-16 was a nice bonus. 


Russian transport

18 april 2021


On this Sunday a civil Russian Ilyushin Il-76 transport plane was planned. This one still has the old engines which make the nice howling sound (and smoke).

I also managed to finally get the 'T-057', the tanker I still had not photographed.

A sunny day, perfect weather to go out and detour a bit by bike (which I did).


Canadian visit

13 april 2021


And then a Canadian Airforce bird came by. I went straight out of work to get this one with the phone camera. The quality was so bad, I decided to catch it with my real camera the next morning before work. Very very early...


101 CAB goes home

15, 16 & 17 march 2021


That time again, the replacement of the US Army Division in Europe. And as usual, Eindhoven is a fuel / nightstop for the choppers. This time I knew the dates beforehand, so I took a week off of work.


The first day, march 15th, the first few flights would arrive late in the afternoon. It became early in the evening, so only one flight was shot because of the light conditions.

A few Dutch helicopters plus the recovery of the Hercules made the wait a bit bearable.


March 16th, I arrived just in time to see the A109s from the Belgium airforce leave.
A lot more choppers had arrived. It was a bit of a come and go this day.
Again, the weather was not fantastic, including a very chilly wind.


Wednesday 17 march. I got a meet with my parents, finally. No plans to go spotting.


Then out of nowhere, Bart texted me "multiple F-16's at Eindhoven!"  Say what?


So I raced to the field again! it would be my first fighterjets in more than a year. 

And I hoped to get a Apache Longbow flying as well.

Besides the weather (showers and a very chilly wind again) it was a perfect day for me.