So 2019 ended with the preparations for 2020. Plans were made, tickets bought, hotels reserved. I even got myself a new zoom lens.

And then Covid-19 happened...


Goodbye plans! One by one the airshows and exercises were cancelled.

I had no other option then to stick with my home-airbase, Eindhoven.

Luckily it is an active airbase, but it was my worst year spotting so far.

Spitfire practise

10 oktober 2020


The Spitfire of the "Luchtmacht Historische Vlucht" did a few touch-and-go's for practise. Good for me!

Falcon Leap

10, 16 & 18 september 2020


The Falcon Leap exercise, the paradrop training during the Market Garden period, was not cancelled, the remembrance dropping was. On september 18th, a select group of aircraft did a flyby over the city of Eindhoven

Some creative, tryout shooting was done, also we choose different spots.


AWACS divert

12 augustus 2020


Bad  weather at Geilenkirchen, that means the Nato E-3A Sentry 'AWACS' landed here for a night stop. Early in the morning I got her.


The arrival of the new tanker 'MRTT'

30 juni 2020


The arrival of the first Airbus A330 MRTT was a sober happening during Covid-19.

Nevertheless, the first landing on Dutch soil was something I did not wanted to miss. Luckily my boss cooperated, with the next pictures as result.


3 CAB goes home

26 & 29 juni 2020


The end of the  deployment of US Army 3 CAB in Europe was there.

Their helicopters go home too, with a fuel stop at Eindhoven. A lot came by again. 


D-Day stop-by

6 juni 2020


2 USAF Hercules aircraft came by after flying over Normandy, because of the D-Day rememberance.