Spottersdays Kleine Brogel

Kleine Brogel - 11 & 13 september 2021


Jeej we are back to 'normal' spotting again! I have been preparing for this one for months, hoping it would not be cancelled. My holiday was planned around these days, I tried to train for biking and prepared my bike with a lugage carrier, etc. And we were off!


Saturday 11 september 2021


The plan was to go at least one day by bike to Kleine Brogel. 40km up, day of spotting in the field, and 40km down. I knew this would be exhausting, but had to do it.
And so Bart and I were on our bikes very early. We had a great trip, with a new pleasant route. After checking in, QR-code and sniffing dogs (cool!) we were finally back!

It was quite busy with spotters, and a lot of known faces, it felt a bit like a reunion, including the french fries, a lot of bullshit talk and planes.

The weather was not so great, small showers now and then and a lot of gray, but that didnt spoil the fun.


In the afternoon I had enough, I was tired and knew I had to bike back again. So we decided to leave a bit earlier.  

On the way to the bikes we already saw it would be raining, and it did... On the way back we had another 2 big showers, I came back home soaking wet, but it was worth it. 


The sound of the Hunter

Finally I managed to record the awesome sound of the Hunter, called the 'Blue Note'.

Listen below!

Monday 13 september 2021


On monday it would be departure day, the planes were at Kleine Brogel for the Sanicole Airshow this weekend. The mini tiger meet was cancelled.


On sunday morning I had already decided we would go by car for 2 reasons: I was planning to be fit all day and my knee was aching.  Thanks dad, for the ride!


In the mean time Bart and me were at the gate, we missed the Finish F-18's and also half the french Rafale's as they took off early. But that didn't spoil the fun, as it turned out to be a very good day. Everything was perfect. The amount of planes, the way they took off, non-stop action, and I made perfect pictures setting-wise on my camera.

The result is below, a lot of pictures!


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