Market Garden

Eindhoven - 14 & 17 september 2019

Market Garden was, after D-Day,  the biggest push from the Allies in their attempt to free Europe. Since this year saw the 75th anniversary several events took place, including a historical military parade that passes right through my town, Eindhoven.

Always nice to see, and this year a bigger than normal parade was expected. Unfortunately there were 2 organisations which had both their own parade. Due to a bit of research and a tip from my buddy, I was able to attent both and saw nearly every vehicle.



On 14 september Bart with family and I went to a nice green spot on the road between Valkenswaard and Eindhoven. It was an extreme long parade, but not everybody was in correct historical clothing. And I also hoped for a higher amount of combat vehicles.


The second parade on 17 september was cut into multiple convoys with different routes. These convoys were completly historical, a lot of participants were foreign (English). To my pleasure there were a lot of combat vehicles.

The first convoy in the morning I caught on the Aalsterweg. 


The second convoy deviated from its original route. So I left my first spot (the road to Geldrop) and went to a spot where I couldn't miss any convoy (the exit road to Son). A long wait and many doubts paid off!

Again a lot of combat vehicles, and as you can see in the movie, a Sherman driving by at not even a meter away!