101 CAB goes home

15, 16 & 17 march 2021


That time again, the replacement of the US Army Division in Europe. And as usual, Eindhoven is a fuel / nightstop for the choppers. This time I knew the dates beforehand, so I took a week off of work.

Monday 15 march


The first day, the first few flights would arrive late in the afternoon. It became early in the evening, so only one flight was shot because of the light conditions.

A few Dutch helicopters plus the recovery of the Hercules made the wait a bit bearable.


Tuesday 16 march


Today I arrived just in time to see the A109s from the Belgium airforce leave.
A lot more choppers had arrived. It was a bit of a come and go this day.
Again, the weather was not fantastic, including a very chilly wind.

Wednesday 17 march


Wednesday 17 march. I got a meet with my parents, finally. No plans to go spotting.


Then out of nowhere, Bart texted me "multiple F-16's at Eindhoven!"  Say what?


So I raced to the field again! it would be my first fighterjets in more than a year. 

And I hoped to get a Apache Longbow flying as well.

Besides the weather (showers and a very chilly wind again) it was a perfect day for me.


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