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Flying Partner

Gilze-Rijen - 4 november 2017


On the 4th of november a Flying Partner visit to the Historical Flight was organised to photograph the planes with autumn colors.

Unfortunately the weather was also autumn-like...

Despite that, I am quite happy with the result

Nato Days Ostrava

Ostrava, Tjechië - 14 t/m 17 september 2017 


With 4Aviation FilmBart and me went to Czech Republic to the Nato Days. The arrival day was nice, but then the weather turned.

A nice interesting show, with not only aircraft, but also militairy vehicles.

On the way back we stopped at a few relics.

Deblin Airbase

Deblin, Polen - 27 augustus 2017


The day we returned home, we decided to go to Deblin, to see the recovery of the fly-past.

Also the background picture was taken here (thx Johan!)

Mińsk Mazowiecki Airbase

Mińsk Mazowiecki, Polen - 25 augustus 2017


In the trip to Radom Airshow, a base visit was planned to  Mińsk Airbase. Normally it is a MiG-29 base, but due to the flightpast at Radom Airshow, also a few Su-22's where there.

We saw it all up and close. Pre-flight, take-off and recovery. A perfect day, one to remember for a long time.




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